Your Treatment

Your Feet are Important – Choose the Best Care

Routine or Complex

Whether you require routine foot maintenance or a complex course of treatment, your first visit will typically take up to 40 minutes. This is because your podiatrist will need to take a medical and general lifestyle history from you, plus you will also need to complete a consent form.

Your feet will then be examined and any necessary treatment carried out. After your first appointment, further treatments will usually take around 30 minutes each.


Diagnosis and Maintenance

Wherever possible, your podiatrist will provide a diagnosis and treatment for your foot complaint during your first visit. Your podiatrist will also discuss with you preventative and aftercare advice as part of your treatment plan.

In addition to routine treatments and maintenance, we carry out general foot checks, assessments and provide comprehensive foot care advice.

The podiatry clinic is located within fully modernised premises with a well-equipped surgery where your consultation and treatment will take place.