Alleviate your joint pain

Orthotics are specially fitted insoles or shoe inserts designed to support and improve the functioning of your feet. Orthotics provide support for the foot by distributing pressure or realigning the foot joints when active. They can effectively alleviate joint pain in the lower limbs and spine and, in turn, reduce the risk of any injury.

There are many kinds of orthotics, ranging from a simple insole to a custom made device moulded around a cast of your foot.

As orthotics can significantly affect the foot’s posture, they will only be prescribed by your podiatrist after a detailed biomechanical assessment and in consultation with you. In the event that any abnormalities in gait or bony structure are identified, your podiatrist will discuss a treatment plan with you. This may include shoe advice, exercises, simple insoles or orthotics.

Here at the Disley Podiatry Clinic we offer a wide range of insoles and orthotics, including custom-made devices. Our service will include advice on exercises, footwear and foot care, as well as any follow-up appointments, treatment plan and fine tuning of any insoles.